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Join the HeadsUp! programme to receive up to 10 hours of free productivity training worth £1000! You’ll also get discounts on digital tools and a free trial membership to Enterprise Nation.

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Helping small businesses be more productive

Why join this programme?

Take advantage of free training from qualified experts when you join the HeadsUp programme. 

Sign up today and you will be invited to either attend local workshops or join online training classes, throughout June and July this year.

You’ll also get discounts on digital tools and a free trial membership to Enterprise Nation. Don’t miss your chance to get involved!

What is the training?

The training will help you to become more productive in key areas of your business namely accounting and finance, collaboration, sales and marketing and time management. Training will be delivered throughout June and July via online classes or local workshops. 

What is the training?

Experienced, qualified trainers

You’ll be connected with trainers to help you achieve your goals more efficiently and help your business grow via the HeadsUp programme. Find out more

Hundreds of advisors available

Training on 20 topics

We have carefully selected 20 business activities across the four key business areas we are focusing on. You can greatly benefit from the latest digital tools and prepared concise & clear training, specifically tailored for busy small business owners.

Tailored training on 20 topics

Ongoing support

As a participant you will also receive a free month of Enterprise Nation membership, giving you access to a small business community, resources and support, helping you every step of the way.

Ongoing support

What can productivity training do for your business?


Grow faster

Productive companies move faster! The HeadsUp! programme can help you achieve more with the resources you have and reach your goals.


Reduce risk

Improving processes increases visibility and helps you understand what’s going on in the business. Together we can help you be more strategic.


Save money

Productive businesses make the most of the financial resources they have. Making your business work more effectively will save money.


Remove distractions

Plagued by procrastination? Improving productivity helps you stay focused and get more done. Our training helps business owners focus.


Get strategic

Having a plan helps businesses be successful. The HeadsUp! training aims to help entrepreneurs with project management and managing staff.


Achieve goals

HeadsUp! training is designed to make your business work more effectively. Improving the way your team works will help you succeed.


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